Log Files

  Log Files
Every time you press the Run button, the DMT program creates a log file that documents what was produced and contains any errors encountered. Most of the information is also shown in the "Messages" area of DMT's main window, but this information is stored in  these log files in Folder a along with the DMT Excel Output files, so that the run details can be viewed later.

Log File Name in Your Text Reader

1. Log File Name in Your Text Reader
This is the log file. You open it up with whatever Text Reader you have on your system. This log file is opened with Notepad, which is a Text Reader included in all versions of Windows.

Notepad shows the name of the file it opens on the first line. DMT log files start with "DMT_log_" and are followed by the date and time that the DMT run button was pressed.

File Created in This Run

2. File Created in This Run
There is a section in the log file for each file being created in the run. This filename of the file created is shown.

Person a and Person b

3. Person a and Person b
The selected Person a and Person b are shown along with all the segment matches between the two people. The matches between the two summarized on the bottom line.
Person a's Chromosome Browser Results file matches for Person b should exactly match Person b's Chromosome Browser Results file for Person a. If for some reason they do not, the non-matching segments will be displayed.
You may have a Chromosome Browser Results file for one person that was downloaded before a second person was tested. The first person will not have the second person in their file. The DMT Map file will then use the a-b matches from the second person and let you know it is doing so in a message. For a Double Matches to be found, the single matches a-c and b-c need to be in both files, so c-people who tested after either the Person a or Person b CBR files were downloaded will not appear Double Matches. If you need any of those c-people for your analysis, you should used CBR files for Person a and Person c that were obtained after Person c's results became available.
Any other problems with the Chromosome Browser Results files are shown with lines that begin with ***.
In the above example, problems are indicated showing that the CBR files contain duplicate or overlapping segments.  This is caused when FamilyTreeDNA incorrectly merges different kits together because the people have the same name. For this problem, DMT will delete duplicate and overlapping segments so that the person/people can still be used in the analysis. Duplicate segments sometime are just a person whose test results are in FamilyTreeDNAs database twice under the same name. Those are usually okay because every segment match will be duplicated. But overlapping segments indicate that two different people with the same name were by mistake combined by FamilyTreeDNA in producing their CBR file because they have the same name. The segments DMT will show will be for both people, with one of each of the overlapping segments excluded so as to not cause the program difficulties in determining Double Match Groups. People with overlapping segments are denoted in the output with ## before their name, to alert you that this represents more than one person.

DMT File Summary

4. DMT File Summary
This is the summary information for this file in the run.
It contains:
  • The number of matching segments between Person a and Person b, the total and largest match length.
  • Single match segment counts: the number of matching segments for Person a and for Person b.
  • The number of matching people for Person a alone, Person b alone, and for both Person a and Person b.
  • The number of Double Matching segments for both Person a and Person b together.
  • Triangulated segment counts: the number of Double Match segments that overlap a Person a - Person b match.
  • The number of people with at least 1 Double Matched segment, and the number with at least 1 Triangulated segment.
  • How many lines will be in the Map file.
  • The time in milliseconds for this file to be generated. 3813 ms = 3.813 seconds.