DMT Chromosome Excel File

DMT Chromosome Excel File
This is an image of Windows Explorer showing the files created when you run DMT By Chromosome.

DMT Chromosome Files

1. DMT Chromosome Files
If you are running a Person a CBR file against multiple people's CBR files and you select , then the resulting double matches will be put together for you in the one combined map. Since a single combined map file could be very large, it DMT splits it into 23 files, one for each chromosome pair.
Once the files are built, you can press the button to take you to the directory where your Person a CBR file is and where the 23 DMT files were put.
Each DMT file contains the same information that is in the DMT Excel File - Map Page and is sorted by columns K (DMG-START) and by the highest column L (DMG-END) so that the Double Match Groups that correspond to each other will be together.
Note that the DMG-START and DMG-END values produced using different Person b's may not exactly match. This is a bit of "fuzziness" caused by small bits of random single matches at the beginning and end of the Double Matches. It may be possible for a future version of Double Match Triangulator to identify and clean these up for you. But until then, be aware of this fuzziness and don't let them bother you. It is nowhere near as bad as the endpoint fuzziness that single matching gives you.

DMT Combined People File

2. DMT Combined People File
Along with the 23 DMT Chromosome files, a combined People File is produced that can be used to see quickly which people match on which Chromosomes and act as an index into all the matches.
This file is structured a bit differently than the DMT Excel File - People Page, so the Combined People File has its own description.

DMT Combined Log File

3. DMT Combined Log File
All of the processing information and any messages are included in the log file, which you can open with any text reader.